Trina Solar 650W Vertex Ultra-high Power Modules Now Available in Pakistan

Trina Solar 650W Vertex Ultra-high Power Modules Now Available in Pakistan.

Based on Trina Solar’s leading multi-busbar technology, the Vertex modules adopt the 210mm silicon wafer, non-destructive cutting and high-density interconnect technologies, which together allow it to reach 670W power output and 21.6% module efficiency. By virtue of low-voltage and higher module string power output, the new Vertex series unlocks huge potential for further reducing balance-of-system costs.

Engineered for long-lasting performance.

Photovoltaic projects rely on high quality products that stand the test of time. In our upstream production, we tightly control every step of the manufacturing process, from silicon crystallization to module deployment in the field, ensuring the highest level of quality. We guarantee our products with an industry-leading 25-year lifetime warranty.

In our downstream business processes, Trina Solar follows strict compliance with national regulations and industry standards, including Chinese National Standards GB 50797 “Photovoltaic Power Station Design Specifications,” GB 50794 “Photovoltaic Power Plant Construction Specifications,” GBT 50866 “Design Code for Photovoltaic Power Station Connection to Power System and GBT 19939 “photovoltaic system Grid technology requirements,” and others. With an innovative solar design team, rigorous procurement procedures and experienced construction and operation team, Trina Solar has over 15 years’ worth of hands-on expertise in PV project development.

Internal product verification tests are stricter than IEC/UL requirements

With over 200 in-house tests and a state of the art research and development lab, Trina goes beyond requirements to deliver the highest quality product to customers. From one end of the supply chain to the other, customers can trust the quality and reliability of Trina.

Powering technological advancement in the industry.

Committed to research and development, Trina Solar continues to set industry standards and benchmarks for performance and sustainability. We have been responsible for a number of global breakthroughs, with 22 world records for silicon cell efficiency and solar module power output since 2011.

Trina was the first company to receive Client Test Data Program (CTDP) certification from UL, allowing us to conduct cutting-edge research reliably on campus.