HBL Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy – SBP Approved

Financing Scheme for Renewable Energy



  • Financing is availing to address challenge of energy shortage and climate change through promotion of renewable energy. Scheme is available under three categories..
  • Category-I : For setting up Renewable Energy Power Projects with a capacity ranging from more than 1MW to 50MW.
  • Category-II: For installing Renewable Energy source based projects / solutions for generation of electricity up to 1MW.
  • Category-III: Vendors and Suppliers certified under AEDB Certification Regulation 2018 for installation of wind and solar systems on lease basis or selling of electricity to ultimate owners / users.
Loan Amount:
  • Category-I: PKR 06 billion for single project.
  • Category-II: PKR 400 million for a single borrower.
  • Category-III: PKR 01 billion for single vendor / supplier.
  • 6% p.a. or as per latest SBP directives
  • Category-I: Maximum 12 years (including 02 years grace period).
  • Category-II: Maximum 10 years (including 03 months grace period).
  • Category-III: Maximum 10 years.